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The Mitchell Chang Foundation

The Mitchell Chang Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, was created by Mitchell’s parents after his tragic drowning at a local swim school. Mitchell was the epitome of love, fun, and happiness. The Foundation seeks to continue Mitchell’s Good Story and provide families an opportunity to create joyful memories by building the first public inclusive playground in San Antonio.  By definition an inclusive playground is a playground that exceeds the ADA standards and meets the developmental and physical needs of children of all abilities. The lack of this kind of public city playground creates barriers to physical access, which in-turn, limits social participation for children with disabilities. It also limits public play for children whose parents and caregivers have disabilities. 

Almost every major city in Texas has a public inclusive playground: Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston. In fact, Fort Worth has two and Houston has six.  The Mitchell Chang Foundation and the City of San Antonio are taking action by building Mitchell’s Landing, San Antonio’s first public inclusive playground.

Mitchell’s Landing

Construction for Mitchell’s Landing is projected to begin May 2020, with completion early 2021. The Foundation is partnering with The City of San Antonio Parks & Recreation Department who have commissioned the building of Mitchell’s Landing. The Foundation’s financial responsibility to build Mitchell’s Landing is $1,200,000. The Foundation is working with GameTime for playground design, manufacturing, and installation. Mitchell’s Landing will be a shining star for the San Antonio park system. This destination playground will be located off Hardy Oak Road in the heart of Stone Oak, in Classen-Steubing Ranch Park. 

Adventure awaits for those who dare to explore this pirate-themed playground.   No pirate-themed playground would be complete without a pirate ship for children to commandeer as they imagine adventures on the high seas, in search for treasure to plunder. After making landfall, buckaneers will trek through a thick marsh in search of a place to bury their treasure. Suddenly the marsh opens up to an abandoned Spanish Mission; the perfect home for the hard-won pirate booty!   

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