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Mitchell Chang loved life. He loved pirates and dinosaurs. He loved his friends. Most of all, he loved his family. Mitchell had a natural ease about him that was welcoming to all he met. He was beautiful, enthusiastic, and an exuberant-spirited boy. Tragically, when he was three years old, Mitchell drowned at Love To Swim School. One of three locations owned by Mary Reilly Magee.

Before this tragedy, Mitchell was best described as a determined little boy. This is fitting since his Chinese name, Pei-Heng means “to be persistent.” He was persistent in all his endeavors including sharing, laughing, helping others, and pursuing his dreams of being a pirate.

Early on in Mitchell’s life, it became apparent that when Mitchell felt something, he felt it deeply. These feelings led to first day of school tears and attempts to “protect” his brother, Evan, from their babysitter. They also led Mitchell to joyfully sing “This Little Light of Mine” and squeal with excitement when chased down the long hallway in his home.

These deep feelings contributed to Mitchell’s compassion and servant’s heart. It was his servant’s heart that endeared Mitchell to all who knew him. He helped other students get ready to go home by putting their water bottles and folders in their backpacks. He brought other students classroom supplies needed to complete projects. He picked up his friends when they fell. Mitchell’s good story is a story of love, happiness, and service to others.

Despite his death, Mitchell’s good story continues on in his brother and parent’s devotion and through The Mitchell Chang Foundation (TMCF). His fun-loving spirit will push forward, through the building of local playgrounds that will benefit the children of San Antonio. TMCF also wishes to overwhelm the world with LOVE by encouraging children to do small, continual acts of kindness to others. A little bit of kindness can change EVERYTHING!!!!!

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