Mitchell's Landing Playground Preview!

About the Mitchell's Landing Project


Mitchell’s Landing will be a shining star for the San Antonio park system. This destination playground will be located off Hardy Oak Road in the heart of Stone Oak, in Classen-Steubing Ranch Park. Adventure awaits for those who dare to explore this pirate-themed playground. No pirate-themed playground would be complete without a pirate ship for children to commandeer as they imagine adventures on the high seas, in search for treasure to plunder. After making landfall, buckaneers will trek through a thick marsh in search of a place to bury their treasure. Suddenly the marsh opens up to an abandoned Spanish Mission; the perfect home for the hard-won pirate booty!

Mitchell’s Landing is a place for all families to live their good stories through the creation of lifelong memories. To truly be accessible for all families, Mitchell’s Landing will become San Antonio’s first inclusive public playground. This means featuring inclusive properties that exceed the existing ADA requirements. It is The Mitchell Chang Foundation’s goal that Mitchell’s Landing be on a national registry for inclusive playgrounds.

Mitchell loved to bring others into play with him just as much as he loved to help everyone around him. So, being an inclusive playground is one way for Mitchell’s Landing to represent Mitchell beyond its name and theme. At Mitchell’s Landing, children with disabilities will be able to participate in active play to a greater degree than at a traditional playground. It will also be a place that parents who have disabilities or injuries can easily and comfortably create memories by playing with their children in ways they previously could not.

Estimated Cost: $1,200,000

Safety conscious, inclusive playgrounds are an expensive endeavor. Help be a part of building this one-of-a-kind playground that will benefit all families for generations.

Together we will change the landscape of San Antonio. There is no better way to honor Mitchell’s pure joy than to create a space where joy can grow for all families. Help us make this precious dream a reality by donating. Join us in being the good story!

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