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The Mitchell Chang Foundation will donate this playground to Mitchell’s neighborhood that does not currently have a playground. His brother, friends, and other neighborhood children will have easy, quick access to a small playground where they can play safely and enjoy the great Texas outdoors. Portions of the playground equipment will be Mitchell’s favorite color: orange. The pops of orange will stand as a gentle reminder of the special little boy who exuded energy and life.

GameTime, the oldest and most reliable commercial playground equipment company, will build this neighborhood playground. Ground covering will be bonded rubber surfacing. This extremely safe ground covering can help prevent major fall injuries. Shade cover will be provided, allowing families to enjoy the playground year round. Join us in giving this gift to the place where Mitchell grew up. A place filled with friendship and love.

Playground Cost:

Equipment (Mullins Cove Unit): $12,226.00
Bonded Rubber Surfacing: $19,219.64
Shade Cover: $22,805.30
Installation: $21,622.80
Freight: $1,475.77

Total Cost: $77,349.51

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