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Becoming part of the Good Story....

Becoming part of the good story is more than doing something good. It is about becoming part of something beautiful and impactful.

Mitchell’s actions impacted those around him. When Mitchell’s friend, McKenna, fell while playing chase on the playground, Mitchell stopped playing. He asked McKenna if she was okay and helped her stand back up. Mitchell did not return to playing chase with the other kids until he knew McKenna was better.

McKenna remembered Mitchell’s act of kindness and continued that kindness a few months later. While at after school pick-up, McKenna saw another student fall down. She went to that student and asked if the student needed help. McKenna wanted to make sure that student was okay just like Mitchell made sure she was okay.

The Mitchell Chang Foundation encourages others to do as Mitchell did. Mitchell’s act of compassion left an impression on McKenna. McKenna, in turn, acted with compassion when presented with an opportunity. That is beautiful. That is a good story that extends beyond just one person.

Live your good story. Join us in continuing Mitchell’s good story. Share yours and other’s good story moments with us so we can highlight those moments for others to see:

May the good story moments be so numerous that they become an overwhelming force of love, service, and compassion. Overwhelm the world with us!!!

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